In the 1800's and 1900's, immigrants from around the World came to America looking for a better life. Jobs were plentiful in the Appalachian Mountains from the Pennsylvania steel mills down to the coal mines of West Virginia and the farms of Tennessee.They assembled the largest workforce ever known and were a major part of the Industrial Revolution. Sadly many of these factories have closed because of foreign competition. They have also had to endure the loss of many of their small Mom & Pop roadside store customers who have also been put out of business by big chain stores.


Appalachian Trading was begun to promote both small and large factories across America who manufacture great products that are hard to find and aren't usually available in the big box stores. We strive to find companies that have been providing jobs for their hometown for at least 5 years or more. We especially like to find factories that are family owned, and have a long history and heritage in their hometown. We use a page on our site entitled "The Companies We Keep" to share their stories with the World. We especially like to brag on the ones who give back to their community. So please visit the Companies page.


Appalachian Trading is a 21st century version of a 19th & early 20th century mail order catalog. All of the companies we represent are American owned. They still put every ounce of what it means to be Made In The USA into their products.


In our eyes, each and every one of these companies that we represent are National Treasures. It is our mission to see that these great companies survive to provide work for not only the people in the Eastern States, but also to generate business for the people that these companies get their materials from therefore benefiting those who work in other factories all over America.


We represent the following companies:


Helms Candy Co. - Red Band, Virginia Beauty, King Pops, & Helms Brand Candies
Helms Candy Company of Bristol, VA which was founded in 1909 by G. Frank Helms, Sr. and is still owned and operated by the fourth generation of the Helms Family. The town of Bristol has been home to over 10 candy manufacturers throughout the last century making Bristol the largest producer of stick candy in the World according to a survey in the 1960’s. Helms products are still manufactured with the same quality, value, and tradition that have made them a favorite for over 100 years.


Smoky Mountain Candy Makers - Hillbilly Taffy & Tennessee Taffy

Smoky Mountain Candy Makers is located in the heart of the Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge, TN. They have been manufacturing candy by hand for decades.


Appalachian Trading is not affiliated with any of the companies we represent.

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